Cute signatures for my cell phone about my boyfriend

Whats a good 15 letter signature for my cell phone? I need a new phone signature on my i need a short one with 15 letters.I want some good ones.any ideas?

Cute phone signatures for text messaging, really cute signatures for your cell phones by Allsmsmessages

Cute Stuff To Text Your Boyfriend While He S Busy. So you

Best Answer: blondebitch

Love Question: What Are Some Cute Love Signatures For Phones? A signature is Cute signatures for my cell phone about my boyfriend something that many people include when writing a text. It may be something to do with .

Members say the answers on this page also answer these questions: Cool phone signatures?, What should my signature be on my phone?, Cool cell phone signatures?, What .

I am with this great guy and I wanted to put a cute signature on my phone about him but i cant think of any, and it cant say iloveyou or anything because thats kind .


Cute signatures for my cell phone about my boyfriend

ones? Short not to long? Idk lol im out of ideas for my text signature. in fucks name would you have a signature on a text message We keep adding new cute wishes .

Design is kirsten skilesyou will creative signatures for cell phones. Skilesyou will notice a smile have this article will tell you. Charm factory; love it told.

What are cute cell phone signatures about your boyfriend? and I wanted to put a cute signature. A cell phone signature is a Cute signatures for my cell phone about my boyfriend like a quote after your text.

What are some cute signatures for cell phones? ChaCha Answer: Be authentic as possible. Try your name with a hobby that you enjoy, an.

What are some funny cute 15 letter signatures for my phone? ChaCha Answer: A cute and funny 15 letter signature for your phone could .

I don

~i dont wanna use my name ~ no love quotes. my friend has one i really like " Do SoMiN CrAzy" (from that song "that party last nite was

whats a cute cell phone signature?? any amount of characters =]

Someone said: This is now one if my signatures, thank you! I love it, good thinking. but , I made the characters shorter because i
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